Don’t Let Storm Damage Bring You Down

Don’t Let Storm Damage Bring You Down

Ease your stress—find general construction services in Fort Worth, TX

After a storm, you may have more than just simple roof damage. Your siding may be damaged, your fences may be ripped up or you may even need a window replacement. Between wind and hail, your home can take a beating in a storm. Mike and Mike Roofing offers general construction services when your home needs repairs.

If a storm has caused extensive damage to your home, you can trust Mike and Mike Roofing. We have nearly three decades of experience providing general construction services in Fort Worth, TX. Schedule a consultation with us today.

Here are the various repair services we offer

Don’t let storm damage sit. Mike and Mike Roofing can get to work on repairing your home right away.

We provide a number of repair services, including:

  • Siding—Hail can dent, crack or punch holes in your siding. We offer full replacement services for vinyl and wood siding.
  • Fences—Wind can rip fences out of the ground or topple them over. We will repair and re-stain fences.
  • Gutters—Hail and wind can damage gutters with dents, scratches or tears. We’ll replace them with storm-resistant gutters.
  • Interior and exterior paint—Hail can cause damage your home’s painted siding, and flooding can cause paint issues inside. We’ll repaint for you.
  • HVAC—HVAC units can take on damage from falling debris, flooding or hail. We can fix a damaged HVAC unit.
  • Windows—Wind can bust out windows and hail can punch holes through them. We offer window replacement services.

Call us right away for a free estimate on home repair services in Fort Worth, TX.